Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloweens gone by

Halloween 2007
Pooh and Piglet... I loved the girls in these costumes.  They still enjoy putting on the Pooh outfit and playing Disneyland...Ellie actually tried to squeeze into the Piglet costume last week. She was convinced it would still fit. 

Halloween 2008
Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion... Brooklyn's dress actually used to be mine when I was little- one handmade by my grandma.  I added the apron and we splurged for the ruby slippers at Target-  Not quite as sparkly as they once were but Ellie still loves to put them on. 

Halloween 2009
Peter Pan and company...Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, Peter Pan, and Smee all made from thrift store finds, Walmart deals, and trimmings from Joanns.  Brett was such a good sport, wearing all women's clothes (aside from the mustache) and was the hit of the Harvest Festival. (He, unlike Ellie, has not tried on the costume since then.)

Halloween 2010
Due to some unfortunate technical difficulties, (I think Leighton may have chewed up my camera USB cable)  this year's pics are going to be a bit delayed.

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