Wednesday, October 6, 2010

9 months

Top 9 of being 9 months old
9.  crawling fast on all fours (usually chasing Daddy or my big sisters)
8.  pulling up to anything 24" high or lower (thank goodness this excludes the toilet- so far!)
7.  sleeping 8 hours in a row at night (that one is also on mom's top 9 list)
6. climbing to the top of the stairs (with mom right behind of course)
5.  using my 6 chompers to eat big girl food- especially grapes (don't worry they are cut into tictac size pieces)
4.  Mommy still nursing me (despite said chompers)
3.  being able to pick up the most minute pieces of anything and immediately put them in my mouth
2.  being tickled till I giggle uncontrollably
1.  cuddling myself to sleep with my blankie

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