Monday, October 18, 2010

Ung Drill

It only took me 4 trips to IKEA to commit to buying this...the elusive Ung Drill frame.  I loved it from the second I saw it but didn't really know what to do with it.  Its pretty big and just a frame, not a mirror.  Its been hanging empty at the end of our hallway for months (usually Brett gives me a time limit to fill empty hung frames- but he was gracious this time) After scouring the internet to see what others have done with their Ung Drills and other large frames,  I came up with this.  I popped out the glass, covered the cardboard backing with linen fabric, and hot glued floral wire to the back.   I found the cutest itty bitty clothespins to hang various photos and paraphernalia.  What will you do with your Ung Drill?  ( I know you can't resist one either!)

Check it out here...


  1. need a better picture of the ung drill

  2. i love it!!!! I want to redo.. where did you find the mini clothes pins?

  3. How do you hang it in the back? Did it come with anything?