Saturday, October 23, 2010

pumpkins & rides or rides & pumpkins?

And if Brooklyn's first trip to the pumpkin patch wasn't carnie style enough...we  took a family trip to one this week that was over the top carnieville.  We're talking rides that were barely holding together,  circa 1950- several of them put up but apparently not working.  Some boats had bells, others not, some rockets had guns, others not.  And everything had the most annoying shrill squeak when the ride started up.  But as usual...the girls were in heaven.  They were spoiled again by Nino, who insists on visiting the pumpkin patch a minimum of 3 times each fall.  So we will no doubt be headed back next week for more rides, and yes, pumpkins- that is the point of these places right? 

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  1. My favorite picture is Ellie with her arm up in the plane. So awesome. mh