Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gold Star Mornings

I always struggle with the use of bribery/positive reinforcement v. simple obedience/discipline/consequences.  What really works?  I know each child and situation is different and unique, but what has the long term impact that we're looking for?  What creates children who desire to be obedient out of love for their parents and because it is right?  Basically, how can I get my 5 year old to wake up with a good attitude and get ready for school without whining, complaining, crying, and driving me completely nuts in the process?  My current strategy leans heavily on the bribery/positive reinforcement side.  Enter Gold Star Mornings (you can see from her chart, we ran out of gold stars and had to resort to green- I guess I should have called it shiny star mornings).  She is working hard to earn her first pet, a fish (she actually thinks she is getting 2... we'll see about that).  We still have tough mornings, but the good ones are far outweighing the bad lately.  And sitting on her dresser is her fish bowl with gravel and a net waiting for the fishies to arrive.

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