Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Valley Crafters

This is where we spent a good bit of time at the Walking Lazy M. Not so easy to sew with a baby in your arms, but we made it happen. Leighton looks like I'm giving her a lesson, like any second she's going to say, "I think I got it Mom, let me give her a try." (Please note my hair is not black, just greasy, I hadn't showered at this point. Also please note the amazing decor of Steph's throwback kitchen- I love it!))

We even got the big girls involved with a little embroidery. We just let them draw a picture with a transfer pen (the rainbow was a great starter with only 6 lines) and then taught the back-stitch and the were sewing like pros.
Our biggest project was saved for after hours when the kiddos were all asleep. Improv pillow case dresses I like to call them. Super easy and fun. We tried to follow a cheesy tutorial but the internet connection was so slow we ended up watching it after we were done to make sure we did it right. I have to saay ours turned out better- french seams and all.

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