Saturday, July 31, 2010


The girls rode their bikes to the park today for the first time. It was a brave endeavor considering they aren't really bike riders like some kids are. I have friends whose kids were riding two wheelers at 2 years old. This is not my girls. I wouldn't be surprised if the training wheels never came off. But they actually made it there and back (luckily only about 4 blocks each way). I had to give Ellie constant coaching- stay in the middle, keep your feet on the pedals and push, push, push. And I only had to convince her twice that leaving her bike and coming back to get it later was not a good idea.

Leighton was a trooper on my back the whole time.

Ellie insists on being barefoot the second we get to the park.
That girl would play barefoot on a bed of nails I think.

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