Wednesday, July 14, 2010

got you covered

When I realized that this would have to survive another child I decided to do something to cover up 5 years of wear and tear (ie- spilled juice, rogue raisins, goldfish crumbs, lollipop residue, etc. etc.). I used to be good about washing the cover every so often but too many times of removing it made it hard to stay on and Brett literally screwed the cover to the base. Obviously my routine washings have decreased since then. So after 4 hours and minimal frustration, here's the end product. I basically used the old cover as a pattern, sewed all the pieces together and then put elastic all around the edge (allowing for routine removal/washing). Mid project I had to ignore the fact that Ellie told me she liked the old one better, and by the end she let out a squeal of delight when she saw it completed.

This is Ellie's favorite dress that she wants to wear every single day. I have to bribe her big time to get her to wear anything else. So now she tells me, "I'm just going to wear it around the house." I guess its the kid version of sweats- what some wish they could wear everyday, but resign to just wearing around the house.

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  1. So impressed! You tackled that fast!