Thursday, July 8, 2010

Junie B.

Brooklyn and I have gotten into reading this series about an adorable and slightly naughty kindergartner, Junie B. Jones. They are some of the funniest books I have ever read and Brooklyn usually has to stop me from reading the whole book in one sitting (only one chapter a day Mom). I love to hear Brooklyn giggle as we read together. It wont be long before she is reading them to me...

One of my favorite excerpts from Junie B. Jones Is Captain Field Day...
(Junie B. just called her bestest friend named Grace on the phone)
"Grace! Grace! It's me. It's Junie B. Jones! I am so glad to hear your voice! You're not sick, are you, Grace? You're still coming to Field Day right?"
Grace giggled real loud.
"Of course I'm coming to Field Day," she said. " I have to come to Field Day, remember? I am the fastest runner in kindergarten."
I did another frown.
"Okay, here's the thing, Grace. You're not actually supposed to brag about yourself like that. My grampa Miller said that is called 'tooting your own horn.' And it is not even polite."
That Grace did a huffy breath at me.
"I am not tooting my horn, Junie B. I'm just saying the truth. We have lots of slow runners in our class, you know. Like Lucille won't run fast because she doesn't like getting sweaty. And you're not exactly speedy yourself , Junie B."
I sucked in my cheeks at that girl.
"Yeah? So?" I said
"So I'm going to have to give us a big lead," she said, " Cause I'm the only fast one we have."
I made a grouchy face.
"You just tooted again, Grace," I said.

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