Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I was browsing ebay in search of some vintage toys for Leighton's room. And boy did I have a blast from the past. It is amazing to me how I can remember toys I played with over 30 years ago. When I see the pictures I think, hey that was mine. I always hope to get lucky thrifting and find some of the old classics. Or maybe I'll just give in and bid on ebay instead.

Could this be my ringing apple?

Could this be my first record player?

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  1. Ok I just found your blog and I cant get enough! Your crafting projects, the hoop art swap(which I did too), and now vintage toys? We were made to be real life friends I tell you!
    I found that same ringing apple at my local thrift store for...sit down... $2.99 Ive been on the hunt for that very same record player too! In fact, I showed two "vintage toys" I had as a kid in my Life Made Lovely Post this morning. See if you had them too:)