Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Coolest house in the neighborhood

We celebrated Ellie's birthday with family this week at Nino's house. On our way there Brooklyn said, "All my friends will think Nino's house is the coolest house in the neighborhood because he has 2 pools, a trampoline, and tons of videos." The girls have a blast every time we go there and usually have to be dragged out to leave. It could be the unlimited candy stash that is dumped on the bed when they watch videos, the plethora of activities that they can jump to without having to cleanup the last one, the spontaneous trips to Toys R Us , or just the way they are treated like princesses by their great aunt and uncle when they are there. So in just a few short hours they fit in...

swimming in the pool,

thinking about swimming in the pool,

jumping on the trampoline,

corn hole game,

a soak in the jacuzzi,


lots of watermelon,

and time in the sandbox.

I think Brooklyn is right, it is the coolest house in the neighborhood.

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