Monday, June 21, 2010

Navajo Tacos

I have so many fond memories of my grandparents home in Colorado. Lots of them involve food and Grandma's kitchen. One in particular is Navajo Tacos...a labor intensive meal that Grandma always spoiled us with when we came out to visit. She would stand in the kitchen, her backside covered in flour, frying up the dough while we all gorged ourselves on the greasy goodness. We top the fry bread with homemade chili, cheese, lettuce and tomato. Then for desert we have the leftover dough with honey- sofapias we call them. And today, the tradition carried on as she and my mom spoiled us all once again with a Navajo Taco meal.

My mom rolls out the dough as my grandma gives orders
about what size/shape to make them in.

It only takes about a gallon of oil.

How many times has she done this in 80 years I'd like to know.
(I love how Grandmas wear their aprons!)

Grandma always sneaks the first one, a tester she calls it.

Delish- never mind the Debbie Mumm plate.

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  1. Oh I miss the fry bread and sopapillas. I had no idea that your mom knows how to make them.