Monday, June 7, 2010


Leighton's first time at the beach

Today was our first day at the beach this year. June gloom couldn't scare us away- although it seemed to have scared lots of others away considering we were the only ones on the beach. I have to admit its always a let down when the sun is shining brightly here and I imagine a warm sunny day in the sand and waves (well, me in the sand, and the kids in the waves) and yet as we get closer and close to the coast, the skies turn grayer and grayer. Now realize for me, the beach has always been about the sun. Windy and overcast doesn't work for me. If it had been just me, I would have turned around and headed back to the pool in my sunny, warm neighborhood. But I must realize the beach is not about sun for everyone, including my husband and kids. For him, its about waves, for the girls, about playing. And that's exactly what we got today. A little surf for Brett, and lot of shell collecting, sand castle building, and burying for the girls.

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