Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We spent the day at the San Diego County Fair today. Now we all know the fair is supposed to be some agricultural showcase, a place for 4H-ers to show off their hard work in raising pigs, sewing quilts, and making jam. But let get real folks, we all know fairs are about only 2 things, rides and food. Rides for the kiddos and food for the grown-ups.

The girls each got to pick 3 rides to go on in KiddieLand (a place where you could spend a literal fortune on fishing games to win a 5 cent goldfish- you know the place).

They chose the Indian Canoe ride
(a 30 second waste of $10 in my mind- but look at those smiles!),

the Whirly Swings
(where Ellie barely passed the height requirement)

and the mother of all rides, the Ferris wheel. Now last year Brooklyn had her heart set on riding a big Ferris wheel like Fern in Charlotte's Web but totally wimped out in line and ended up on about the smallest Ferris wheel known to man. Of course she loved every minute of it- hands up and all. But this year she was not going to wimp out and insisted on the Big Daddy (her younger and slightly more adventuresome sister didn't blink an eye on this one).

And now for the food. We feasted on BBQ corn, hot dogs, corn dogs, Gyros, pita sandwiches, fried zucchini, ice cream, and shave ice. Turned down fried Twinkies, fried Oreos, fried Klondikes, fried pop tarts, and this...

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