Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weigh Down

This is the new calorie counting me. Now that its been 2 months since Leighton was born, I figured its about time to start working on shedding the extra pounds I put on during pregnancy. Now the real catalyst was a 90 something year old woman at church who told me I looked like I was about to have aonther one (baby that is). Leave it to old people and kids to tell you the brutal truth. Now I could blame it on the shirt I was wearing or the way I was standing, but either way, the baby weight remains and I really should thank the old woman for clueing me in. And March 1 was a perfect place to start because I only start things on Mondays and/or the 1st of the month and March 1st happened to be both. I'm 3 days in and doing well...updates to follow...

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