Monday, March 15, 2010

Stress Eater

I'm realizing that I am a stress eater. I'm also a bored eater but lately I have had no time for boredom so that hasn't been my problem. Here's what led to my revelation: Its early afternoon on Monday. Mondays are rough because Sundays are rough. Brett works from 7am to about 10pm with a couple hours in between where he comes home and sleeps. So I'm basically on my own all day, getting myself and the girls ready for church (twice), fed, napped, fed, and put to bed and everything else in between. So when Monday comes, we're all zapped. Couple this with Brett being gone Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on a snowboarding trip. Also he had to work all morning on a project for class he's taking. I'm trying to nurse Leighton, keep the girls from painting on everything and constantly fighting, get them lunch, and get the 2 little ones down for a nap. Ellie won't go down (after repeated threats and bribes), Leighton finally falls asleep then wakes 5 minutes later screaming, Brooklyn is yelling something from downstairs about sponge-Bob coming on and the computer not working. All I can think about is the 2 sugar cookies on the counter that have been calling my name since Friday night (and up until now I have resisted). You know the ones from the grocery store that are the lightest fluffiest cookies ever with the frosting and sprinkles. As soon as Ellie fell asleep, I scarfed them both. I felt much less stressed afterward.

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