Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Orchidus Maximus

I have always had a thing for orchids. They are by far my favorite flower. I love the symmetry, simplicity, and individuality of each one. I am not an orchid expert however. I know one though. She is a little Philippino lady who has raised hundreds and knows the secrets to bringing them back to life. These are secrets I need to know because I also have a thing for letting orchids die. When the blooms fall off (which can be anywhere from a week to months after I buy them) I really want nothing to do with the leaf/stick combo that remains. I keep them around for a while, feeling bad to euthanize a living plant. But eventually the bare stick gets replaced by a new beautiful flowering one. Today was replacement day. Check out this beut form Trader Joe's (the best place by far to buy them). Its a double whammy- 2 different kinds in one pot- that I've never had before. And now I've got a Philippino orchid nurse to take my old one and see if she can work her magic... and I'm guilt free.

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