Monday, March 29, 2010

Bean Jar

So the whining, fighting, complaining, fit throwing, lack of obedience, etc. has really gotten to me lately. You may have heard of the old marble jar insentive. You know, get caught doing good, get a marble for the jar and when its full, get a prize. Well I had no marbles, but I had a jar and a bag of pinto beans (don't think I cook with them, it was left over from an earlier craft). So we instated the bean jar. Now Ellie has no desire whatsoever to earn beans. She just doesn't get it, but Brooklyn is in love with the idea. I over heard her saying to herself, " I really want to earn more beans, what good thing can I do next?" I showered her with beans today and its about 1/5 full. I plan to taper it off but had to get her excited and into it right away. So far so good.

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