Sunday, August 12, 2012

the lake

My husband grew up spending lots of time at his grandparent's house on Lake Nolin in Kentucky.   Now the second generation of grand kids gets to do the same.  We make the drive up from Nashville, watching fields of corn, tobacco and hay fly by,  listening to "are we there yet?"  dozens of times, and stopping at the DQ on the way if we're lucky.  We enter through the side door (the sticky front door has given my father-in-law fits and remains permanently locked now) and immediately start in on boxes of cheezits, homemade treats, and lake popsicles (only called that because they are always at the lake).  We make the trek down to the dock through the forest (trying to avoid chiggers and their nasty bites) and spend hours here fishing, swimming, snacking, and loving our time together.  We strap on life jackets and head out in the boat to the swimming cove to cool down and relax.  And let it be known, I actually got in the water more than ever this year.  Mommies do get wet apparently.
 on the dock

at the cove

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  1. Love the pics and your way with words. It was great spending time with you guys this year. Love ya, Aunt Sandra