Monday, August 6, 2012

new post...can you belive it?

Well I almost forgot where the "new post" button was it has been so long.  Can't really say what I've been doing with all my time, but its been full for sure.  We had a rather laid back summer this year.  No lessons, camps, VBS, or anything organized going on around here.  Each day had a flow of its own.  It was really good for us.  So good to slow down and do what we really wanted to do for that day.  Sometimes something exciting (like a trip to the ER for Ellie's second busted chin), and sometimes something simple (like homemade Wendy's frostys).  

Of course a few projects kept me busy on quiet afternoons.  Projects like printing out all these instas from the past year.  Costco prints on 8x8 paper so its really easy to make a square collage and get 16 tiny memories on each one.  Then you can cut them into strips, individuals, or leave them whole.  And they deliver right to your door.  But wouldn't you rather go pick them up and a get a giant swirl of frozen yogurt while you are at it?  I know I would.

PS-No clue how I ended up with 3 of Leighton in the Skyfari at the zoo.  Bonus points for you if you noticed!


  1. I can't believe Summer is already coming to an end!
    Good to know for Costco pics and yes going for the swirl yogurt is much better. I think I need one now after the temps. we are having!!!

  2. Erin, you are so awesome! I love reading your posts and what amazing memories for your family! Hugs, Gina