Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Life is a bit rough for this little one right now.  She's not sure quite where she fits at school.  Recess namely.  We've had reports of tears at lunchtime 2 days in a row.  And tears for her mean tears for me too.  This morning her prayer request was for school to be only 5 minutes.  She doesn't know exactly what 5 minutes is, but she knows its short.  Tonight as I tucked her in she told be through choked back tears that she wished she could just stay in her classroom all day.  Part of me wants to be there the second she walks down the stairs and sit with her all though lunch, then play jump rope or tag til recess is over and walk her back to her perfect little kindergarten room.  She wouldn't shed a tear if I did that.  But the other part of me knows that difficulties in life produce strength.  Its a delicate balance here.  Comfort from being close or growth from letting go.  Growing sure hurts.


  1. aaawww... poor thing! I feel for both of you! it must be difficult knowing she is going to have rough days and that you can't be there to confort her or to avoid those situations...
    Growing sure hurts... but before you know it she will make new friends and recess will be one of her favorite parts of the day!
    Send you girls a big hug!!!

  2. Oh, this breaks my heart a little. For both of you. This, too, shall pass.


  3. Oh poor Ellie! I hope today is better.

  4. Oh sweet sweet girl, I am praying for you! This makes me so so sad. School can be hard sometimes.