Friday, August 10, 2012

grandma's house

This is a magical place.  More magical than Disneyland to my girls.  Sadly, we are only lucky enough to visit once or twice a year.  But we love every minute of it.  Memories made at Grandma's house are not quickly forgotten.  And must be duplicated year after year. Same Popsicles, same blow up bed, same Lucky Charms, same bird-feeding, same popcorn, same videos, same ride in Grandpa's convertible...

Watching barges on the river from the back yard.  Seriously who has a river in their back yard?  I told you it was magical.  And look at those clouds.  Clearly not California clouds.  Magical clouds.

Conversations with Grandma.  Serious or silly, she soaks in every word. 
And the girls soak in all the attention. 

Swinging from the old oak tree.  A real tree.  Big enough to hold a swing.  
Totally foreign to these suburban girls.

Hanging in Champ's pen. Why is it fun for kids to hang out in animal cages?  I totally remember playing in a dog house as a kids.  Disgusting.  Grandma's house is where they get to pretend that have pets.  And then beg us for a dog or cat for weeks following.  And be sadly denied. 

Grandma always takes time to sew with the girls (something I'm not quite patient enough to do).  Grandmas excel in patience.  Ellie had her first go at the machine this year.  She loved to go slow taking her time and then floor it.  Typical Ellie style.  Her pillow will be accompanying her to kindergarten.

Leighton was headed to Tennessee this year with two things on her mind.  This dog...

and this cat.  If you asked her who she was going to see in Nashville it was Champ and Shadow, not Grandma and Grandpa.  She and Shadow were best friends until she didn't take heed to Shadow's "give me some space kid" purr and got scratched, twice.  

We love this long walk on the greenway.  Brooklyn and Grandma walk and talk together most of the way,  looking at flowers, birds.  Grandma knows the names of them all.  And then she arranges for fireflies to light our way home.  I told you...magical.


  1. such a sweet post! Grandmas and Grandpas are always so special in little ones lives :) There home does look magical with those clouds and river in the back.

  2. What a great trip! So very special! Just reading your post made me want to be there! I am sure your girls will cherish this moments forever! Thanks for sharing!!!