Monday, May 21, 2012

Wet and Wild Mall?

We have an incredibly nice mall minutes from our house.  You may find me in H&M or Anthopologie drooling every so often.  And the kids love the toy store, the ice cream shop, and Build a Bear (more drooling).  Anyway, one really strange feature of this mall is the water fountains.  You know the ones that sporadically shoot water in the air from underground spouts..  Sometimes just an inch of water and other times 4 feet of the wet stuff.  Not sure what the mall planners had in mind though.  No shopping is done with sopping wet children in tow.  And no shopping is done when all they can think about is getting to those fountains.  But the place is always hopping and very popular with the kiddos.  We have gone for fountain entertainment alone before.  The girls wore their suits and we brought towels, sunscreen, snacks, the whole bit. This week however, the only plan was the library.  The fountains were an afterthought.  We were just going to "watch".  There is no "watch" for kids when it comes to water.

Ellie and Leighton completely soaked themselves and loved every minute of it.  
So much that I had to drag Leighton away screaming, wet, and with no towel.

Brooklyn however, preferred a shady spot to read and didn't even bother getting near the water.  
She had her own kind of fun.

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  1. Oh goodness, I just love how Brooklyn found a shady spot to read. That is very sweet.