Friday, May 25, 2012


My biggest little girl finished first grade yesterday.  She continues to amaze us with her hardworking, perfectionistic ways.  Straight A+s on her report card...  100% every single week on her spelling tests... 9 certificates including history, science, spelling, math, Christian leadership and best all around girl student...  2 medals...She simply couldn't have done better.  And we are so proud of her.

 Brett got the privilege of baptizing Brooklyn

But the thing that makes us even prouder than her academic successes is her heart for Jesus.  Many mornings I'll wake up to her reading her Bible with a little light while everyone else is still asleep.  She has memorized tons of scripture and knows more about the Bible than many adults do.  And on her last day of first grade, she decided to show her love for Jesus and her commitment to live a life completely for Him by getting baptized.  A big step for a little girl who loves a big God with her little heart.  

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