Saturday, May 19, 2012

muver's day

"Leighton, did you know tomorrow is Mother's Day?"
"Do you know what we do on Mother's Day?"
"Yes, eat candy."
"And who is your mother Leighton?"
"Aunt Amy is my muver"
Huh, better luck next year I guess.
 They spoiled me with this...  
and don't think the fact that it had been dropped on the floor kept me from enjoying it.

 I spoiled my own amazing mom (and the rest of the lucky fam) 
with the most insane carrot cake of all time.  Recipe to come...

Got to spend the afternoon painting this with the adorable girl who first made me a mommy.

 And three excited little girls surprised me with this.  
At least I looked surprised.  
(It was on  my list, my very short list, like one thing on my list type list.)

I am such a blessed mom, every day.

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