Friday, May 18, 2012

painting with mom

Brooklyn and I got to do something special, just the two of us, on Mother's Day.  A friend of mine launched a very creative company called Paint and Palate.  She sets up a professional artist to come and teach the group how to create a rendition of a well known masterpiece, while enjoying drinks and food form the venue. We took a Mother/daughter painting class, and recreated Van Gogh's famous sunflowers at Panera Bread.  Perfect or what?!?  Brooklyn could hardly sleep the night before and even turned down lunch to get going on her painting (I opted for the eat and paint option).  Let's just say she was beyond excited about it.  She created this incredible work of art pretty much on her own (I seemed to screw it up when I tried my hand at it...and she let me know it too!) She couldn't have been prouder.  And it made my Mother's Day just perfect.


  1. Her painting looks awesome! That's such a cool idea!

  2. That's a beautiful painting!! and what a great idea paint & sip!! pretty cool!!