Thursday, February 18, 2010

Swashbuckling Fun

Brooklyn celebrated her 5th birthday pirate style. An absolutely gorgeous day in San Diego (much unlike last week when it was pouring rain and we had to reschedule the party- 20 kids in the garage wasn't too appealing to me).

We used recycled water bottles filled with shells, sand, and gold glitter to make the invitations.

Ellie has been practicing her ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH Matey! all week.

Grandma Jan kept the family tradition of making the cake. Her spelling skills are a bit lacking, but boy can she decorate.

Brett thoroughly entertained the kiddos with a pirate story of Toothless Jack who had been lost at sea and left behind his buried treasure. They then traipsed all over the park finding clues that led them to the treasure- a treasure box pinata. Brett was a huge hit and much cheaper than the clown at the other party at the park!

All the kids got pirate bandannas, tattoos, earrings, compasses,
and eye patches and climbed aboard.

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  1. Very cute, Warts. I love to see Brett getting into it, earring and all.