Thursday, February 25, 2010

Doctor or Artist?

The other day I asked Brooklyn what she wants to be when she grows up and she answered, a doctor, or an artist, I don't know. Today she showed signs of becoming both. She got really interested in germs and was asking Brett a ton of questions about them. What do they look like? How do they get in your body? Can I get a microscope? It culminated in a web search to see viruses, bacteria and fungi up close (Brett was hesitant to show her fungi, you can imagine what comes up on a Google image search for that one!). Later on, she created this family portrait in mixed media... markers and gems. She has always been a crafter, asking to do crafts the second she wakes up in the morning and being known to complete dozens of drawings in one day. So what will it be Dr. B. Spross or Brooklyn Noelle... we will see.

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