Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Nestlings

As of almost 6 weeks ago, our brood of baby birds is complete. Its both strange and comforting to know that this is our finalized family. I always wondered what my family would be like. Boys, girls, a mix of both? At one time I wanted 5- four boys and a girl. But now, here are my three girls. No more... no less... and with this I am truly blessed.


  1. I love your nest! Great work. i love that picture of the girls. Happy birthday to Brooklyn. We had meant to call but things were nuts here with Ruby sick and Phill gone all week. Love you!

  2. Fantastic--I love that you have time to blog, despite your baby birds. The oldest of which, I might add, looks like real kid, not a baby anymore. They are all so pretty. Also: love the blog name.