Thursday, November 18, 2010

So you think I can dance?

Ellie has officially entered the world of ballet (she has been dancing unofficially for quite some time now however).  It has become her own special thing.  "Brooklyn goes to school now, and I go to ballet," she'll tell you.  She absolutely loves it.  Although we are not sure if its the dancing or the costume that thrills her so much- you know she wears one every day- we gave up on getting her to wear real clothes weeks ago.   Once I brought her the wrong tutu and she refused to dance.  We left after 15 minutes of the teacher prodding her to participate and her sulking and pouting.  On the way out she says, "Now remember mom, next time you bring me the one with the attached tutu."   Like everything else in their lives, she is a completely different girl on the dance floor than Brooklyn was.  Let's just say she dances to her own rhythm.  Her "elmocital" is coming up- that's where she dances to an Elmo song at her recital, and I can't wait to see what she's going to do.  For a girl who has been known to stop dancing to check her teeth in the mirror and to sit down mid routine to inspect the tappers on her shoes, this should be interesting. 

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