Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cousin Time

Cousins have such a special bond even when they live miles away. The girls had a blast playing with Kaylie and Cade in Nashville. They were together 10 days straight and got along amazingly well. Kaylie is the typical older cousin sharing her bunk bed (a thrill for my girls), her old Barbies, and her cool clothes. Brooklyn adores her and was in a trance following her every move the whole time. Cade was a good sport being surrounded by 4 girls playing fairies all day. When I told him I brought him something special form Walmart, he said real excited, "A fairy?" The poor boy wanted his own. Don't tell his dad!Kayle and Cade live in an All-American neighborhood. Tons of kids running wild, lots of porches with rocking chairs, and a trampoline in every back yard. One night the neighbor kids drug out the John Deere (which has had a dead battery since it was rescued form the dump). They loaded the little kids in and pushed it to the top of a huge hill, and then pushed it down as fast as they could. More thrilling than Disneyland I tell you. I've never heard such squeals of delight form Brooklyn and Ellie. Part of me did wish they were wearing helmets though-could you imagine the head injuries- my mom would have fainted for sure.

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