Sunday, August 22, 2010

Class Pet

When I was in second grade we had 2 class pets, Cain and Abel. They were hamsters, gerbils, or some other tailless rodent. Each weekend a student got to bring them home in their little rodent cage (wheel included) and take care of them for 2 whole days. Anyway, I was the lucky student who got to bring them home for not just a weekend, but for the entire spring break. I was not so lucky however when they got lost on day 1 and were found dead behind the dryer on day 7.

With Brooklyn starting school I expected sometime to have to care for yet another class pet. This time trying a little harder (for her sake) to keep it alive. So you can imagine I was beyond thrilled by the genius idea of her kindergarten teacher to have Faith, the build-a-bear, as the class stuffed pet. No feeding, water changes, messes on newspaper, and most importantly no death (well, I guess she could get lost, which is like death to a stuffed animal- just ask Woody or Buzz). And Brooklyn was the first one to bring Faith home (to her great excitement). She was supposed to look after Faith and write about their adventures together in a little journal. Now I don't know what kind of adventures most kindergartners have over the weekend but we were seriously lacking any form of adventure around here this weekend. It was either a ride in the basket of Brooklyn's bike (which I was against considering it was super hot outside) or baking cookies (which had to be the no-bake recipe because it was seriously hot inside). She chose the cookies (which I am enjoying even as I type).

Brooklyn and Faith's Adventure in the Kitchen.
We made cookies together. They were yummy. We shared them with my family. By Brooklyn

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  1. So, does "Faith" turn into "Charlie" when the boys get to take her home....I'm not sure if I would be okay with some new girl coming home with my son! Cute idea.