Friday, April 30, 2010

A Room a Day #6

I had to carve out a little space somewhere in the house for all my crafting supplies as well as a place to work on crafting. So here is my laundry room/craft corner. I try to not let the laundry overtake the room or a project in progress either, since they clearly share a small space. I would like to paint a fun color in here but havn't gotten to it yet. Any suggestions?

This was a revamp of an old IKEA box I had been storing makeup/jewelry in for years.
A little paper and mod podge go a long way.

Brett made this peg board for my birthday (I girlified it with more mod podge).

Here's where the sewing action happens. It isn't the most comfortable way to sew, since I have to perch on a bar stool and lean over the counter (especially challenging when you are 9 months pregnant!) Don't you love my threads?

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  1. (Oops, I had a misspelling. Had to delete the first post.)

    I was just thinking the other day about how a peg board would make my life better. Your house is so insipring, Warts!