Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fruity Desserts

I've heard a lot about Pioneer Woman and her amazing blog. This week I tried two of her recipes. The first was amazing, creamy lemon crumb squares. But I would like to change the name to Lemonitas. They are a cousin to the world famous Carmelitas (whose recipe was top secret for years)- the secret I would like in on however is how to get them out of the pan without breaking your spatula or your wrist. Anyway, back to the Lemonitas...a snap to make and they look as perfect as the pictures on the blog. Today was blackberry cobbler. Lucky for me the blackberries were on sale at Henry's and the checker let me go over my "family limit 4" to get enough to make it. Can't wait to heat it up and top it off with vanilla ice cream (a must for all pies and cobblers in my book). Hopefully is tastes as good as it looks!


  1. I bought some blackberries at Henry's (Sun Harvest here) this week as well--98 cents! That cobbler looks delicious. And congrats on pulling off two new recipes successfully this week--I am 0 for 2 on new recipes this week myself.


  2. Yeah, I'm glad you are becoming a PW fan!! Yet another blog we can discuss! (: I loved the lemon bars you shared, did not let anyone in the fam touch them.

  3. Carmalitas help- don't let the carmel go to the edges.