Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Room a Day #3

Here is the girliest room in the house. It actually started off as being a woodland friends earthy colors theme and somehow morphed into this. Pink, princess, ballerina, crowns, jewels, etc. This is Ellie's bed, and if you took the picture and doubled it you would have the complete room because Brooklyn's is identical on the other side. Yes both still in toddler beds. I figure it gives them more room to play and since they spend a good portion of the night in our bed anyway it doesn't really matter.
The greatest features of their room are the lighting- 3 windows (which are rare in a duplex), and the enormous walk in closet.

I would need about 15 of these if I tried to display all the art these girls create.

Found these art pieces at Target but they seemed a little small on the wall
so I added the ribbon and knobs from Anthro.

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  1. It's like a model-home tour. Keep it coming!