Saturday, March 10, 2012

insta week

new snack of choice around here.  
go get yourself some now.  
first costco for the dip, then tj's for the chip.

  found this tidbit of happiness on the back of brooklyn's timed test.
life is full of rainbows.

big cousins.
little cousins.

 ellie is hanging up the ballet slippers... for now

 old school movie night.
vhs aladdin.
still know all the words to all the songs.
impressed the girls.

flower love from leighton.
every found flower is unquestionable a gift for mommy.
love that girl.


  1. Cute pics!
    Don't you feel awesome when the kids are amazed that you already know the movie songs ;)

  2. Hey Erin!
    You might have heard about this already... anyway...just in case... There is a new website for editing pictures, just like picnik.... this is the link

    1. I just checked it out sad to see picnik go but picmonkey looks good....thanks for the tip!

  3. Great pics of the have to love a timed test with rainbows. My 4th graders don't draw those on their tests. : ) I am so excited about picmonkey. I was feeling a bit of pathetic photo anxiety!