Friday, March 2, 2012

 After checking the mailbox every day for over a month, the long awaited package arrived.

Watching her run each day to the mailbox, heart full of anticipation...
and then return, shoulders slumped and empty handed was breaking my heart.

 But, she didn't give up.  
She knew it would come 
(Even if it meant mom had to call and reorder the shipment which was apparently lost in the mail).

So she is now the proud owner of 5 caterpillars.  
(2 of which are guaranteed to to become beautiful butterflies soon).

 She named them all Vanessa, after their scientific name. 

 She has asked to take them to the dinner table, school, and on our vacation to the mountains.  
So far they reside on the counter.  With a tight lid.

She is thrilled.  
And by the looks of it, absolutely adores her newest pets.


  1. We did this last's amazing! Enjoy every bit!!

  2. I always did that with my 1st graders. Fun!

  3. Thanks for posting! A good reminder for me to order by boys some butterflies. I was wondering when the right time was. Spring!