Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Nativity

For the past several years, we have put on an impromptu nativity play with the girls on Christmas Day.  My mom gets them really excited about it for several weeks before and they all look forward to it- almost as much as presents.  Brooklyn usually insists on being Mary, but this year made her debut as the narrator.

One year I searched everywhere for a simple Christmas story book but all I could find was this one, The Story of Mary.   However, Brooklyn decided she would change the title when she read it since, "Its not the story of Mary Mom, its the story of Jesus." Amen.

 Adina was the angel...

 And Ellie the wise man...complete with treasure box.

And Leighton got her first lead role as baby Jesus with pregnant Aunt Amy as Mary.  
Uncle Duane was the donkey but unfortunately we didn't get a shot of that one...

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