Monday, October 1, 2012

Ellie's First Field Trip

Ellie is officially into the swing of things with school.  Not that she doesn't still cling to me each morning at drop off, or beg me to let her skip her homework, but she is getting used to life as a kindergartener.  Last week she took her first ever field trip to the fire station.  I have no idea what her expectations were for how the day would unfold, but somehow by the end of the trip, she had ditched her loving chaperones (mom and dad) and gabbed the whole way home with her girlfriend.  She is part 7th grader I'm afraid.  Her favorite part was when they were getting the tour and the station got an emergency call.  Off went the fire truck with lights and sirens.  She was thrilled.  Pretty exciting tip for a girl who had decided years ago she would be a "fire girl" herself. 

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