Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Princess Ellie is 5

The royal celebration commenced this weekend as Princess Ellie turned 5.  We went all out with pink and sparkles (which I am still sweeping off the floor 5 days later!).  I loved getting creative with this one and avoiding prepackaged Disney princess paraphernalia.  Of course pinterest and etsy came in very handy with this endeavor, as always.  I've figured out that you can pretty much make a party with a big pack of pretty scrapbook paper.  It became invitations, thank you cards, princess party hats, wands, and yards and yards of pennant bunting.  

 Grandma carried on the tradition with her cake making and made Ellie the cutest pink princess chocolate cake (with a frosting necklace and earrings to boot!).  

The girls came decked out in their own princess gear or helped themselves to our endless supply of dresses.  Ellie managed to go through 3 different dresses during the party.  She said dressing up was her favorite part (no shocker for a girl who goes through at least 3 outfit changes each day!)

Are those dainty princess fingers or what?  
Her favorite gift was the prince/beast doll from Beauty and the Beast.  When we took her to the Disney store the week before her party, I asked her to show me what her favorite thing in the whole store was.  Lucky for me she walked right past the nearly $50 dresses straight to a Ken doll of the Beast.  Weird I know, but I can't complain due to the $8 price tag and the enormous smile on her face when she opened it.

Happiest Birthday Princess Ellie!

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  1. Your party planning skills are spectacular! Happy birthday to Ellie!