Monday, June 25, 2012

building bears


When Grandma Judy asked Ellie what she wanted for her birthday, it was to go to Build-a-Bear together. She had window shopped there before but had never made a bear of her own.  And somehow she knew the outrageously priced animals and accessories would be something only a grandparent would fall for.   She insisted Brooklyn come along and that they make an extra bear for Leighton who was napping at home (Ellie is always thinking of her sisters).  She wasted no time and went straight for the most psychedelic animal in the place.  And insisted she be dressed in a Rapunzel dress to boot.  And since she already was wearing the dress, it just made sense to name her Rapunzel.  Please note Brooklyn's traditional colored bear in a sensible jean skirt and t-shirt named Honeycomb.  Again, polar opposite sisters.

As soon as she got the bear out the door and got the outfit on it, she gave it the biggest and longest hug imaginable.  Ellie is known for her dramatic flair. 


  1. I miss Ellie! She has such a fun personality. She and Kevin have similar personality traits with the dramatic flair and frequent wardrobe changes. :)

  2. Ridiculous quest there. What occurred after? Thanks!

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