Saturday, April 14, 2012

Super Specs

Ellie got glasses today.  I kind of suspected she might be having an issue with her vision after her recent physical at the doctor when she pretty much failed the eye chart test.  So we headed to the optometrist who did a full examination last week.  We found out her left eye is not functioning like her right eye is, and she has to wear glasses...all the time.  She was apprehensive about going to the eye doctor for fear of having to get glasses, so you can guess how she feels about the reality of wearing them all day, every day.  She is a roller coaster of emotions ranging from loving them to detesting them all in the span of a few minutes.  She keeps asking, "Do I have to wear them forever?"  To which Brooklyn responds, "No Ellie, you don't have to wear them when you sleep or swim or take a bath."  Her words of encouragement are sweet but not what Ellie wants to hear.  The middle picture pretty much sums it up her take on the situation.  But we're hopeful (and praying) that she begins to love them more and detest them less.  Any ideas?


  1. She looks adorable. I hope that given a little time, that she will adjust to her new accessory.

  2. Maybe if her mom should wear her glasses more... (: -Hannah

  3. I miss Ellie! I love all her facial expressions!