Thursday, April 5, 2012

Free Rider

I'll admit... I had my doubts.  
I didn't think this girl had the desire, drive, or coordination to master the two-wheeler.  
She proved me wrong.  
And she is thrilled to be a free rider. 

For any of you who are trying to teach your kids to ride, you must try this method.  It worked like a charm for Brooklyn.  The key is to break down the tasks of cycling and to teach them one at a time.  First, for balance remove the pedals and lower the seat all the way so that they can ride the bike like a balance bike.  Sounds strange I know, but it really helps them gain confidence and control.  Practice on a slight decline until they can ride for several yards without having to put their feet down.  When they have mastered the balance element (it took Brooklyn a couple of hours), put the pedals back on and raise the seat.  At this point they need to be taught how to get them self moving so working on a decline helps with this as well.  You will be surprised at how fast they progress from here, and you will have your own free rider in no time.

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