Wednesday, January 25, 2012

little feet

I don't want these size sixers to ever get bigger.  I looooooove these stage of the game with Leighton.  Now, ask me how much I love it when we are in the full throngs of potty training next week (or maybe the next) and my answer may be a bit different.  But if I could freeze her in time and have her forever be 25 months, I think I would.  
She is a major copy cat...words (even naughy-potty ones), actions, mannerisms... and her favorite person to emulate...big sister Ellie. 
She adores playing babies (especially with Daddy) and must give each baby the essentials...baba, passie, blanket, rattle.  You're just not a baby if you don't have those four things.
She poops on the potty for jelly bellies.  She'll do her duty for just one of those little guys (which obviously seem a lot bigger to her than they do to me).  
She screeches with delight when Save the Baby Gecko comes on Wonderpets.
Has an incredible vocabulary and will repeat anything with perfect annunciation...including prophylaxis 
She's quite a puzzle worker and has far surpassed my puzzling abilities.
She loves dancing to music but has firm opinions on which songs she does and doesn't like.
She likes to read to herself and finishes every story with, "The end.  Did you like that story?" 

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  1. So cute! I will miss seeing here, Brooklyn, and Ellie!