Friday, December 30, 2011

two at the zoo

I love throwing birthday parties for my girls.  And typically I go all out.  My mother-in-law still teases me about Brooklyn's first birthday party and how the live ladybugs got loose in my trunk.  It was a ladybug obviously have to have live ladybugs  for a ladybug hunt right?  Themes are my thing.  Handmade invitations, unique decor, hand cut banners, coordinating paper goods, homemade cakes and cupcakes, crafted party favors, (hours on pinterest)... you get the idea.

But I really reigned myself in this time. Simplified.  And it was totally great.  For Leighton's second birthday party, we had a two at the zoo party.  Just family, smuggled picnic lunch, and simple (and somewhat smashed) funfetti cupcakes.
 Did she feel ripped off, neglected, or overlooked?  Not for a second.  She loved it.  

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