Monday, December 19, 2011


Signs of the season...
carol singing,
gift wrapping,
sweet snacking,
Christmas crafting, 
hot drink sipping,
present shopping,
party planning,
baby Jesus worshiping,
each moment relishing.

a.  I'm back into embroidery.  Talk about relaxing.  I hadn't done anything since this and this, but am currently inspired and hoping to do more.  I'm picturing stitching by the fire with a hot drink every night this week!
b.  Made several of these signs as gifts for family and friends.  Way to use that old scrapbook paper eh?
c.  More embroidery...and my latest thrift store seal...the coveted plaid thermos (actually scored 2!)
d.  Felt wreath...lots of cutting for those scallops but much faster than the yarn wrapping for sure.