Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A little birdie...

I've been wanting a little art to add in the spice it up a bit you know (no pun intended).  I thought about doing something with silverware, pears, stacking bowls...(and still may later), but ended up with the well loved bird.  Check this one out- its quite a conglomeration (yes I had to spell check that).  Frame- Target, years ago $3 something- actually have 2 more.  Bird- Michael's dollar bin $1- I think its an ornament.  Blue swirly paper- Michael's scrapbook paper $1 something. Cork tile background- tore it off the wall of the garage in our rental (which unfortunately left behind tons of tacky tape residue- oh well, I don't live there anymore!).  Green metal word holder- scrapbook junk drawer.  I told you it was a conglomeration (dang it, had to spell check again!)

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