Monday, July 9, 2012

kinder coming

Kindergarten is coming.  Quickly.  And amidst all the vacations, lazy mornings at home, swims at the pool, days at the beach, and time playing with friends, we are "trying" to prepare.  I'm eager to see how my middlest does in school.  I really have no idea how she will respond.  No clue what she will be like in a classroom far away from her mommy.  Each time I find myself getting anxious or worrying that I haven't prepared her well enough,  I must pray.  My worrying does nothing.  My praying does everything.  For her and in me.  I pray she loves learning, makes wise choices, connects well with her teacher, and finds good friends.  It will be hard to let my Ellie go...


  1. i feel your oldest starts kindergarten this coming school year too. her 5th birthday isn't until december so she's going a bit nervous about that. praying so hard about that! :)

  2. your dots.. you are such a good teacher. She is ready!!! But her auntie v is also praying :)

  3. I felt like it was much harder to see Charlie go to school than Luke. It made me realize how fast they are growing up. Thank goodness Jack has another year of preschool! Ellie looks adorable in her glasses. : )